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When we say we’re bringing rocket science to digital advertising, heads tend to spin. When we tell brands what we can do for them, wheels start turning.


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Some really smart folks decided to build something better

Rocket Fuel is a real-time targeting company that transforms digital media buys into optimization engines, driving campaign results from awareness to sales. Our technology combines all data-driven targeting techniques, from behavioral to contextual, into one comprehensive solution that automatically adapts decision-making in real time to achieve both brand and performance goals. Over 400 of the world’s leading brands run on Rocket Fuel across display, mobile, video and social media.

Rocket Fuel was founded by veterans from Yahoo!, DoubleClick, Epiphany, and to make marketing easier and more effective for advertisers, help publishers get the most value out of their inventory, and give consumers a personalized and relevant online experience.

Rocket Fuel goes beyond other audience targeting technologies by combining demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent and social data with its own suite of targeting algorithms, blended analytics and expert analysis to find active customers. Rocket Fuel uses its technology to deliver better ROI for premium brand marketers – whether their objectives are brand-oriented or designed to drive a conversion event.

Unlike ad networks, Rocket Fuel doesn't shoehorn advertisers into pre-determined generic audiences. Instead, Rocket Fuel's automated technology identifies the top performing segments for each individual campaign and directs impressions to boost campaign performance in minutes, as opposed to the weeks or months it would take to pour through data and adjust it manually.

We’re experts at predictive modeling and customer segmentation. Our core expertise is in developing and using technology to process and scale huge amounts of data to predict the likelihood of responses from individual users – we find audiences designed for your needs.

Rocket Fuel believes in extreme transparency and real-time client feedback, including sharing campaign results, details and insights to help you become smarter, faster.

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