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“Rocket Fuel continues to be a valuable partner for us – efficiently turning lost prospects into active customers and making each marketing dollar work harder and smarter for our clients.”


>   Case Study: Consumer Technology (.pdf)


Case Study: Consumer Technology

A leading hard disk drive and storage solutions company that has been at the forefront of the storage industry for over 30 years and at the heart of how the world creates, distributes, shares and enjoys digital content.


r2c group logo R2C Group, San Francisco
America’s largest independent direct response agency with a client list that spans blue chip, Fortune 100 companies, and the nation’s most successful direct marketing brands.


  • Drove 23x more product page hits than competing placements.
  • Generated the most orders – 88% more than the next highest partner.
  • Retargeting Booster generated a CTR 25% higher than other partners on the campaign plan.

Find agile media partner that can ramp quickly and help boost portable storage solution sales by building a custom audience segment tailored to specific campaign objectives.


  • Boost awareness & consideration for data storage products
  • Drive online orders


  • High-tech content buffs (male, young, single)
  • Data nomads (travel with data, take presentations with them on business trips, etc.)

    Display media with emphasis on cost per action (CPA)

Engagement Actions

  • Ad interactions
  • Website activity
  • Coupon downloads
  • Other interactions

“Rocket Fuel was a strong partner for this campaign, consistently landing among our top publishers. With consistent results through the duration of the campaign and the best back end cost per conversion of any partner, remessaging with Rocket Fuel is a no brainer for future media plans.”

Nathan Becker
Media Planner, R2C Group


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Rocket Fuel’s retargeting generated 88% 
more orders than the second best partner.
Rocket Fuel’s retargeting generated 88% more orders than the second best partner.