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“Rocket Fuel lived up to its name and delivered exceptional results. We were amazed to see a 5X improvement in campaign performance.”


>   Case Study: Consumer Electronics (.pdf)


Case Study: Consumer Electronics

Global Name-Brand Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Major New York Media Agency

Our “rocket science” worked – Rocket Fuel was the top performing media partner for this campaign.

  • Turned quantitative learning into actionable improvements to drive performance
  • Ramped overall CTR by nearly 5x
  • Broad reach to audiences that mattered – high performance at high volume

Find innovative exceptional-value media partner to help drive HDTV sales in the Q4 shopping season

Boost brand awareness for HDTV products

  • Drive holiday traffic to client’s website
  • Promote brand engagement and preference
Holiday shoppers, ages 35-44

Display media with emphasis on CTR

Strategy: Work Smarter, Together
Working with the media agency, we focused on providing real-time interaction, feedback and two-way communication to earn trust as a responsive and committed partner.

  • We focused on desirable audience characteristics versus mere impressions
  • Our "progressive optimization" resulted in amazing campaign performance
  • Our "advanced audience screening" and "dynamic profiling" helped boost results
  • Sophisticated creative selection allowed us to leverage the creative that performed the best – the new creative wasn't working so we went back to the original creative
  • Fine-grained campaign control and transparent closed-loop analysis helped squeeze every possible improvement in the results

“Rocket Fuel was our best performing partner on our key metrics. We actually increased our buy to take advantage of the media value being delivered.”

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