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“Rocket Fuel helps our advertisers engage the right audience and makes sure that every digital dollar is working as hard as it can for every campaign we run.”


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Case Study: Personal Computer Manufacturer

One of the world’s top suppliers of personal computers. The company offers a broad range of technology products for the consumer, education, enterprise and government sectors.

New York-based agency bringing together the best digital expertise by building new technologies and working with world-class technology partners.


  • Highest revenue producing partner on the campaign
  • Delivered most qualified audience at scale

Find technology partner to help boost technology product sales and brand engagement by building custom small business buyer and consumer segments tailored to specific campaign objectives and ROI goals.

Boost sales for personal computer supplier:

  • Drive traffic to advertiser’s online store
  • Generate immediate ROI and hit metrics based on CPA and average spend goals per shopper

In-market small & medium businesses & consumers shopping for personal computers & technology products

Display media with specific product focused messaging targeted for both B2B and consumer markets

“Rocket Fuel drove significantly more revenue than anyone else on the campaign. The client was happy and wanted to use Rocket Fuel as an example for all other partners on the buy – they were very interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes optimization technology.”




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 	Successfully scaling up performance and becoming an increasingly important partner
Successfully scaling up performance and becoming an increasingly important partner.