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“Rocket Fuel’s ability to quickly get up to speed and optimize the campaign based on our aggressive metrics showed us that their technology works.”


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Case Study: Telecommunications

Leading Internet software company that enables the world’s conversations over the Web. Millions of individuals and businesses use this service to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other users.

Pioneering integrated marketing agency with one simple mission: find the right solution for the marketing challenge — not just “any” solution.


  • Quick learning drove eCPA down to client goal
    while increasing impression volume.
  • Rocket Fuel technology uncovered insights about
    the core audience to help future campaigns.

Find technology partner to help cost-effectively drive downloads and registrations by building a custom internet communications segment tailored to specific response-driven campaign objectives.

Boost downloads and usage of software:

  • Drive traffic to advertiser’s Web site
  • Generate high volume of downloads and usage
  • Focus on media & cost efficiencies

Internet communications intenders

  • In-market long-distance callers
  • Foreign language speakers
  • Geo-target US/Canada

Display media with emphasis on download & trial

“We don’t like to settle on off-the-shelf solutions to solve our client’s marketing problems. And neither does Rocket Fuel. They’re quickly proving themselves as an innovative partner by delivering excellent results – no matter what metric or audience we’re trying to reach.”

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improved eCPA 5x with high volume