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Rocket Fuel takes a proactive approach, with three layers of defense that block bad sites and pages before a single ad is ever served on them.


>   Real-Time Brand Shield datasheet (.pdf)

Real-Time Brand Safety Shield

Real-Time Brand Safety for the Highest Levels of Brand Assurance
Rocket Fuel recognizes that the variety of available brand protection solutions possess different strengths, methods of categorizing content and securing brand safety. None of them are perfect. Protecting our clients’ brand is of the utmost importance to us, so we take a radical, multi-layered approach to ensure that our clients are protected.

By building additional levels of safety and security right into our platform and processes, we ensure our technology delivers both ROI and peace of mind for brands.

Three layers of defense to block bad sites & pages before a single ad is served:

Our Real-Time Brand Safety Shield features and benefits:

Site Exclusions Block UnSafe Sites Forever
When sites are identified as unsafe, Rocket Fuel bans them from the network at the domain level. This prevents our system from ever bidding on impressions on behalf of our advertisers that contain a known, unsafe domain.

A Real-Time Approach to Real World Issues
We have multiple controls in place to block undesirable content in real time, using a combination of third party and proprietary technology. Our foundational solutions and technology continually identify sites that are unsafe. Our real-time keyword filtering blocks any site or page with potentially offending content before we bid on it.

Manual Validation Puts Experts in the Loop
At Rocket Fuel we believe it is critical to combine both human and machine review. Our team double-checks third party verification results creating a comprehensive keyword exclusion, content category filters and network-level site filters.

  The AdSafe brand safety and verification service provides domain-level analysis, page-level analysis, semantic analysis and image analysis. Sites are given separate scores for a range of categories. AdSafe results are fed back into our system, and included in our Real-Time Brand Safety Shield.

We are working with DoubleVerify, Peer39, Proximic and Adxpose to create customized Rocket Fuel-specific category filtering, tags and a verification profile. Sensitive categories of content where advertisers do not want their ads to serve are filtered out. The system also verifies and excludes pages with a high percentage of ad clutter. We are always happy to work with any provider our client desires.

Proprietary Ad Server Keeps Us In Control & Agile
We have a complete ad serving platform behind the exchanges, enabling us to add layers of defense beyond what the exchanges can offer and quickly implement new technology.

Dedicated In-House Brand Assurance Team
We have a dedicated brand assurance officer whose sole focus is on monitoring all of the above processes and systems, making decisions on policy, offering guidance to clients and continuously analyzing & improving Rocket Fuel’s Brand Safety Shield.


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