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Brand advertisers shouldn’t have to measure success by bolting on old-school Web metrics to their online campaigns. That’s why we built our brand solution from the ground up to work the way you want to.

For Branders, we can:

  • help you reach the right audience
  • leverage multiple data partners
  • optimize your campaign (on the fly) with metrics that matter to you
  • measure offline sales impact
  • deliver insights that help you grow
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Efficiently reach the best audience for your brand
Rocket Fuel’s Audience Booster goes beyond behavioral, contextual or geo-targeting by combining intelligent demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent, and social data with our own suite of targeting algorithms, blended analytics and expert analysis.

audience icon Key Benefit: Audiences at Scale

Leverage Multiple Data Sources
There’s an enormous amount of data that can make finding your customers much easier and less costly – the trick is having the horsepower to harness, analyze and act on it.

on computer icon Key Benefit: Brand Engagement

Optimize your campaign on the fly – based on brand metrics that matter to you
Don’t settle on click-through rates or other irrelevant metrics to understand if you’re reaching the best audience – we’ve got a better way to reach, measure and tune your campaigns to your brand metrics.
Rocket Fuel's Real-Time Brand Optimization delivers the industry’s first real-time campaign optimization based on brand perception and audience characteristics.

thumbs up icon Key Benefit: Brand-based Optimization

Grow product awareness
Awareness isn't about mass message spamming. Marketers still need to reach the best audiences – those key buyers and influencers who will notice, pay attention to your message, and internalize it. Rocket Fuel can optimize to awareness KPIs using the same analytics and optimization technology we use for all our campaigns.

loudspeaker icon Key Benefit: Brand Awareness

Reach “look-alikes” based on offline purchases
Brand marketers such as consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers, looking to expand their online marketing investments, now have access to new tools to bridge the gap between online ad spend and offline purchasing activity, and to increase the performance of their online campaigns. Rocket Fuel leverages offline sales data to create models targeting consumers with specific brand affinities, and to scale your campaigns by targeting “look-alikes” based on specific brand attributes.

loudspeaker icon Key Benefit: Audiences built on real-world shopping data

Get more people to engage with your brand
By finding the best audiences and automating testing new sites/data/audiences we can drive your campaigns to better engagement and conversion rates. At Rocket Fuel continuous learning isn't about human optimizers trying to keep track of notebooks, white boards and spreadsheets full of best practices. Instead we learn something once and then automate it forever after.

check mark Key Benefit: Brand Loyalty

Win back lost customers
People are visiting your client's Web site all the time, and then leaving without doing what you want – whether it's filling out a form, signing up for an e-mail, or making a purchase. Don't just abandon those customers – reach out to them with strong offers to come back and seal the deal. Rocket Fuel can help you do this by finding these prospects wherever they are on the Web. Rocket Fuel’s Retargeting Booster is the best way to bring the most important people back to your Web site and turn those lost prospects into active customers.

target icon Key Benefit: Sophisticated Retargeting

Make the whole Web your ad platform
The power of Rocket Fuel is that we don't depend on a single Web site to reach a particular demographic or kind of person. Instead we can find those great audiences wherever they are hiding on the Internet.

search icon Key Benefit: Efficient and Broad Reach

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