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We get it – at the end of the day, success is all about finding the “active buyers” that put your products in their shopping carts and press the buy button.

For Direct Response Marketers we can:

  • help you reach the right audience
  • leverage multiple data partners
  • optimize your campaign on the fly to whatever metric you care about
  • drive amazing ROI
  • deliver insights that help you grow
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Sell more products
Bottom line, marketing is about sales. And hopefully it's an investment that pays off in tangible ways. The days of "broad reach" or saturation-based advertising are over. Today, you need to make each marketing dollar work harder and be smarter. Our Audience Booster is designed to find buyers – as many as you want, efficiently.

audiences icon Key Benefit: Customers at Scale

Find more customers
The best audience is the one that takes action and buys, recommends and tells others about your products. Whether you care about driving shopping basket size, or just want to sell your stuff, the best audience is the one that is most likely to react, respond and turn on to your messages. Rocket Fuel starts with your best guess about your audience, but then uses its technology to go deeper and move from guessing to knowing – and find the active buyers wherever they are on the Web.

purchase icon Key Benefit: Better Results

Win back lost customers
People are visiting your client's Web site all the time, and then leaving without doing what you want – whether it's filling out a form, signing up for an e-mail, or making a purchase. Don't just abandon those customers – reach out to them with strong offers to come back and seal the deal. Rocket Fuel can help you do this by finding these prospects wherever they are on the Web. Rocket Fuel’s Retargeting Booster is the best way to bring the most important people back to your Web site and turn those lost prospects into active customers.

target guy Key Benefit: Sophisticated Retargeting

Increase conversion rates
By finding the best audiences and automating testing new sites/data/audiences we can drive your campaigns to better conversion rates. At Rocket Fuel continuous learning isn't about human optimizers trying to keep track of notebooks, white boards and spreadsheets full of best practices. Instead we learn something once and then automate it forever after. We've built our system to get better all the time.

continuous improvement Key Benefit: Continuous Performance Improvement

Make the whole Web your ad platform
The power of Rocket Fuel is that we don't depend on a single Web site to reach a particular demographic or kind of person. Instead we can find those great responders and buyers wherever they are hiding on the Internet.

search icon Key Benefit: Efficient and Broad Reach

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