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Everything you ever wanted to know about specs, sizes, standards, do’s & dont’s to get your ads up and running on our network.


>   Ad Guidelines Datasheet (.pdf)

Ad Guidelines for the Rocket Fuel Network

ad guidelines chart


  • White ads must have a distinct border to clearly identify where the page ends, and advertisement begins.

  • Sponsor of the advertising message must be clearly identified.

  • Advertiser's landing page must match the offer being made in the advertisement.

  • An ordinary person must be able to make an informed decision from the offer(s) in the ad.

  • It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that all product claims, warranties, guarantees or other assurances comply with applicable laws & regulations.

  • Ad unit and landing page must have detailed disclosures as appropriate; in particular, full terms and conditions of the offer must be easily accessible on landing page.


  • Use “bait and switch” tactics, e.g. advertising that promotes an unavailable product or price as a means of luring the user into purchasing a different product.

  • Display false functionality - contain graphics that simulate interactivity where no such interactivity exists.

  • Resemble error messages or Windows/Mac/Unix dialogue boxes.

  • Prompt a download.

  • Mimic news headlines in design, tone, third-person sentence structure, or topic.


Ads for astrology, horoscopes, psychic services or other related services:

  • creative MUST state that the service is for entertainment purposes only.

  • creative CANNOT imply that there are scientific groundings to such services and/or promises of wealth or good fortune.

Ads for food products:

  • MUST comply with applicable laws & regulations regarding definitions/restrictions on food-related descriptive words.

The use of the word “Free” in any ad:

  • MUST fully comply with all state and federal guidelines, and disclose all material terms and conditions to obtain the free item.

  • in particular, ad units which claim to offer "free gifts" which in fact require the user to sign up for one or more offers, trial subscriptions, etc.

  • MUST disclose how many offers the user must complete before receiving the gift.

Ads for promotions (contests, sweepstakes, special offers):

  • Creative CANNOT imply that the promotion is approved or endorsed by any government or quasi-government entity.

  • MUST offer a fair opportunity for all entrants to win.

  • Chance based promotions MUST clearly disclose that no purchase is necessary.

  • CANNOT claim “everyone wins,” or suggest that user was specially selected to receive a prize.

  • CANNOT suggest that a payment by the winner is necessary to claim a prize (except for applicable taxes).

  • MAY NOT imply that the mere act of clicking a button is sufficient to win (e.g. "Win a car! Click here!").

Weight loss ads:

  • CANNOT depict or be targeted at children or teens.

  • CANNOT Suggest that the product alone is effective for weight loss or make any unrealistic claims about the amount of weight that can be expected from the product.

  • MUST, where weight loss claims are made or implied, contain a disclaimer such as “results not typical; individual results may vary”.

Ringtone/cell phone offers:

  • MUST disclose the details of the service, particularly when the offer requires a subscription.


We will not accept ads for the following products:

  • adult products (films, magazines, websites, toys, etc.)
  • loan products which require upfront fees, products/services that claim to repair bad credit
  • lotteries (other than official state lotteries sponsored by a U.S. state, e.g. California State Lottery)
  • products containing ephedra, ma huang, chitosan or human growth hormones, comfrey, or pyruvate
  • insider tips on a particular stock or commodity
  • securities (stocks, bonds, notes, warrants, options, etc)
  • degrees for sale or offered by non-accredited universities or programs
  • gambling educational sites
  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • casino services
  • online casinos
  • political messages
  • tobacco products
  • ammunition
  • gambling portals
  • firearms
  • fireworks
  • religious messages
  • others as may be designated by Rocket Fuel Inc.

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