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We go beyond other ad serving technologies by combining demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent and social data with our own suite of targeting algorithms, blended analytics and expert analysis.


Some really smart folks decided to build something better

Did you pick a career in advertising so you could spend your days emailing IOs and creative all over the place? Or was it for the thrill and excitement of trying to run a campaign across 40 new sites and having to wait to see the results? Maybe it was because you like Excel and data analysis a little too much. We didn't think so either.

See how we manage the complexity for you (watch the video) >

Real Technology – Rocket Fuel's engine optimizes while you sleep, using quantitative models and autonomous tuning to select just the best impressions for each ad.

Real Service – With a dedicated analyst and real-time reporting, you'll never be caught off guard by being unable to respond to clients or management with timley information.

Real Results – Rocket Fuel has delivered campaigns for more than 150 advertisers, analyzed over 150-Billion impressions and been the number one partner in media buys.

Put some Rocket Fuel into your next campaign.

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Run your campaigns on Rocket Fuel, and get back to the fun part of advertising:

  • No more headaches
  • No more mind-numbing work
  • You’ll look smart
  • You’ll get great insights to leverage for other online/offline marketing activities
  • Better performance – optimization while you sleep
  • Performance that gets even better over time
  • We’ll save you from spreadsheet hell

Make the unmanageable not only manageable, but successful.
If you think buying online ad space across the web is becoming increasingly complex, what about managing the campaign once it’s live? Insights are often overlooked, missing, or just not tangible enough for the average person to identify in a timely manner.  After all, when campaigns are running, time is money – and no one likes to waste either talking to the wrong consumers. Rocket Fuel helps you make sense out of all of the data and provides you the ability to rapidly change course if you need to within hours of a campaign’s kickoff.

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