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We start with the advertiser and their needs, and then go find the right audiences wherever they are – we call it “dynamic audience generation.”


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Media Kit

Rocket Fuel Inc. is focused on making it easier for agencies and advertisers to quickly and cost-effectively launch successful online campaigns. Our automated demand side platform identifies the top performing segments for each individual campaign, taking the guesswork out of finding and activating your customers. We work with top publishers in every major category offering high-performance options with huge scale.

We Deliver

  • Premium quality media at cost-effective rates
  • Optimized display ad placements across hundreds of quality sites
  • Advanced targeting for finding the right audiences at scale
  • Extreme Transparency and analytics to deepen your understanding of your customers

Simple 3-Step Process

Observe: We automatically test your creative/offer(s) across a wide range of consumers and Web sites.

Learn: Our system determines the characteristics of the consumers who engage the most with your ads and then finds more like them.

Scale: We find relevant audiences anywhere across the Web, allowing you to obtain the quality reach you need at whatever scale you define.

Our name brand publishers span a variety of subject areas and attract different segments of the online population. We reach more than 170 million unique users every month.

Define Your Audience
With more content than ever on the web, fragmentation and content quality are serious issues for advertisers demanding better solutions. That's where Rocket Fuel comes in. When people talk about ad networks, they envision a group web sites packaged and offered to advertisers. In other words, instead of a network of ads – it's a network of sites. But we don't take this approach. We start with the advertiser/agency and their needs, and then go find the right audiences wherever they are – what we call dynamic audience generation. So instead of choosing a certain “content channel” or predetermining which “track” to run on, we listen to your needs and find the best possible audience tailored specifically for your campaign.

Premium sites: We know how important your brand is. We will obtain valuable space for you on high-profile, brand-name Web sites, portals and directories. We partner with digital properties of well established media companies as well as premium digital-only publishers. We only work with online content brands that attract consumers who are more likely to engage with the content, stay online longer, conduct diverse transactions and, overall, are more comfortable interacting with advertisers.

Exchanges: Sometimes it’s a struggle to find enough of the best inventory. By partnering with all the large exchanges, we can access and target inventory that meets your campaign needs and help maximize ROI through dynamic and intelligent bidding.

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We have access to thousands of high-profile, quality sites spanning more than 25 vertical markets, so you aren’t limited to a small group of sites. 

Our high-performance network combines premium sites, including major publishers like CBS, Fox, Yahoo! and IAC; exchanges like DoubleClick, PubMatic, Rubicon and Open X; life-stage sites including dictionary.com, evite.com, move.com, monster.com and photobucket.com; intent sites like realtor.com, pricegrabber.com, and extremetech.com, and passion sites like PC magazine, guitarworld.com, gotpetsonline.com, gamepro.com, NBCSports.com and prestosports.com.

Rocket Fuel doesn’t force any inventory source on our clients. We will work with you to select the publishers and exchanges that make sense for your campaign and objectives. You have total control.

We offer advertisers the ability to target campaigns to better reach their ideal consumer. We offer a deep array of targeting methodologies, including demographic, geographic (country, state, DMA), behavioral contextual, and day-part and many more. We also offer flexible frequency capping capabilities that can be fine tuned to maximize the value of each impression.

Our technology increases user engagement by identifying and retargeting both active prospects and current customers anywhere on the web. Rocket Fuel can understand every step in the activity funnel as customers explore your site, and use that data for analytics and automated retargeting. We can also understand and retarget on clicks, views, conversions, sales, or anything else that you can learn about how your customers engage with your brand.

Unlike other ad networks, Rocket Fuel doesn't shoehorn advertisers into pre-determined generic audiences. Instead, Rocket Fuel's automated technology identifies the top performing segments for each individual campaign. We then direct your impressions to boost campaign performance in minutes – as opposed to the weeks or months it would take to pour through data and adjust your campaign manually.

Our rocket scientists and analytical models gather tons of data to boost learning and to help transform your media planning using insights that are not just interesting, but actionable. You’ll find out what’s working and what’s not – and why. The more your campaigns run the smarter you’ll get.

Actionable Insight
Our “progressive optimization” and measurement capabilities allow any brand advertiser to not only understand the lift from today’s campaign, but to apply that learning immediately and automatically in real-time to improve campaign performance. By gaining more actionable insight into which audiences responded best to your messages, and which didn't, we can improve your ROI and spend your budgets more efficiently.

If we know it, you know it. Today, sophisticated advertisers understand that the value of transparency extends far beyond merely keeping their brands away from inappropriate content. Transparency isn't just a defense mechanism; it's about providing data necessary to empower you to make better business decisions. Rocket Fuel believes in extreme transparency, sharing campaign results and insights to help you become smarter, faster.

We focus intensely on accountability and are highly attuned to managing client expectations – we see ourselves as a trusted partner rather than a vendor. Providing superior customer service is a key differentiating feature of Rocket Fuel – we go beyond merely paying lip service to cultivating good customer relationships, and facilitating open and effective communication. We are proactive with feedback and intelligence, reporting and analysis, and have the necessary dedicated staff to support this service.

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176+ million reach





We accept all standard IAB ad units, non-intrusive rich-media units, and we have the ability to negotiate custom creative campaigns.

Standard IAB units

  • 180 x 150 IMU (Rectangle)
  • 300 x 250 IMU (Medium Rectangle)
  • 160 x 600 IMU (Wide Skyscraper)
  • 728 x 90 IMU (Leaderboard)

Rich-media Units

  • In-Page Video    
  • Pop-Up/Pop-Under
  • Floating
  • Between-the-Page

Custom Creative
Our exclusive relationships with publishers and hundreds of top sites allow us to offer advertisers unique advertising programs that can leverage that “out-of-the-box thinking” or unique campaign concept for your client – don’t hesitate to run something by us.

We are compatible with most exchanges and certified by major standards organizations.

  • Atlas Universal Action Tag (UAT) Certified
  • DoubleClick DART Certified
  • NAI Compliant

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