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Rocket Fuel is an intelligent ad serving technology company that leverages the best of behavioral, contextual, data targeting and optimization techniques to deliver outstanding results.

Our process works amazingly well at delivering customers

Our technology automatically finds people across the web who are most likely to consider, respond and excite others about your brand.

Rocket Fuel makes it easy to quickly and automatically grow engagement with the best audience for your brand. We have a simple 3-step process that works amazingly well at delivering active customers:

We Observe: We automatically test your creative/offer(s) across a select set of consumers and web sites.

We Learn: Our system determines the characteristics of those who engage the best with your ads and focuses on finding more of them.

We Scale: We find these great audiences everywhere across the web, allowing you to obtain the quality reach you demand at whatever scale you require.

Precision Targeting
While many networks can offer premium placements, Rocket Fuel’s unique advantage is in its custom brand program that leverages ‘commercial intent’ consumer data and social media ‘friend targeting’ combined with the right audience on premium sites. Our technology identifies the top-performing custom segments for each campaign, taking the guesswork out of finding and activating your customers.

Proprietary Optimization
Our Progressive Optimization immediately focuses the campaign on client metrics (such as engagement) based on top performing characteristics like sites, creative, ad unit size, time of day, geography, behavior and demographics. These top performing uplift characteristics create a ‘custom segment’ for your particular campaign or creative. Our system then focuses on finding users who fit your ‘custom segment’ profile throughout the Web.

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