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Rocket Fuel Inc. Finding Success Optimizing BlueKai Data to Boost Targeting Effectiveness of Online Display Campaigns

Press Release

BlueKai Intent data running on Rocket Fuel drives efficiency, action and engagement for major brands

Redwood Shores, CA (July 21, 2010) – Rocket Fuel Inc., the company bringing rocket science to online display advertising, today announced campaign results stemming from its strategic partnership with BlueKai, the largest source of online consumer intent data. Rocket Fuel leveraged BlueKai data to help build custom campaign-specific audience models and automatically tuned each campaign to the advertiser's key metrics in real time – lowering cost per action and engagement metrics by an average of 43.75% versus other targeting methods.

As online inventory continues to grow and brand marketers look for more effective targeting, identifying scalable in-market audiences has increased in difficulty. Rocket Fuel simplifies the problem of testing multiple kinds of data to target the right audience through rapid testing and automation.  The company is finding success by leveraging third-party data from companies like BlueKai and blending it with its own suite of targeting algorithms, analytics, expert analysis and real-time impression-level bidding to make both brand and direct response campaigns perform better.

“There’s an enormous amount of data available that can make it much easier and less costly to find your customers – the trick is having the horsepower to harness, analyze and act on it,” said Richard Frankel, president of Rocket Fuel Inc. “When someone who matches a campaign’s intended audience enters our network, BlueKai data helps us recognize these intenders at scale and target them with the most relevant ad. But it doesn’t end there. Our response prediction engines are looking at BlueKai behavior across sites, geographies, and many other variables to find the ideal impressions. Turning their data into value for advertisers takes the kind of technology that Rocket Fuel has developed. “

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with a company like Rocket Fuel that brings out the true value of our data,” said Alex Hooshmand, senior vice president of global product & operations for BlueKai. “Rocket Fuel clearly understands how to leverage quality data to better target audiences and deliver outstanding data strategies for the brands running on their platform. When advertisers say that BlueKai data runs better on Rocket Fuel – you can honestly believe it.”

Rocket Fuel Optimized BlueKai Data Segments Versus Other Targeting Methods:

Autos – Using BlueKai data, Rocket Fuel achieved a 64% lower effective cost per action (eCPA) versus the second best performing targeting method. Typical actions include getting a price quote, downloading a brochure, configuring a vehicle or scheduling a test drive.

Retail – Using BlueKai data, Rocket Fuel achieved a 24% lower eCPA versus the second best targeting method. Typical actions include purchasing items, driving traffic to an online store or driving in-store sales.

Travel – Using BlueKai data, Rocket Fuel achieved a 37% lower eCPA versus the second best targeting method. Typical actions include booking a hotel room or airplane flight.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) – Using BlueKai data, Rocket Fuel lowered engagement costs by 50% versus the second best performing targeting method. Typical actions include increasing brand favorability, downloading a coupon, watching a video or spending time on a landing page.

George John, Rocket Fuel’s chief executive officer, said, “We continue to set records in terms of monthly revenue fueled by repeat business and incremental budget from great brands – and BlueKai is one of our key partners helping us achieve that traction in the market.”

About Rocket Fuel Inc.
Rocket Fuel Inc. is the company bringing rocket science to online display advertising. The company provides turnkey media and campaign management to deliver better results faster for major agencies and brand advertisers. Unlike self-serve platforms that burden media teams with learning new tools and executing complex campaigns manually, Rocket Fuel makes it easier – not harder – for advertisers to efficiently find and buy their target audiences. And unlike ad networks whose value-add is in a cobbled collection of sites or audiences, Rocket Fuel's data-driven advertising technology builds a custom campaign-specific audience model and automatically tunes campaigns to an advertiser's key metrics – whether their objectives are brand-oriented or performance driven. If you can measure it, Rocket Fuel can optimize it. The Silicon Valley-based company was founded by veterans from Yahoo!, DoubleClick, Epiphany and salesforce.com. Rocket Fuel was named Best Startup for 2010 by the San Francisco Business Times.

About BlueKai
BlueKai created the world's largest and highest quality online intent data exchange to better connect advertisers with their target consumers online. BlueKai aggregates valuable shopping and research activities across the Internet, offering non-personally identifiable actionable data to marketers, ad networks, and publishers on over 200 million retail, travel, auto, education and financial product shoppers online. In addition, through strategic partnerships with top-tier data providers – who earn revenue in a privacy friendly way – the BlueKai Exchange gives marketers access to over 10,000+ combinations of intent, demographic, geographic, lifestyle, B2B data and additional segments. The privately held company is based in Bellevue, WA, and is a recipient of the AlwaysOn 2009 OnMedia 100 award as a Technology Innovator in Advertising, and the OnMedia 100 Top Private Companies. More information can be found at http://www.bluekai.com.

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