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Dozens of advertisers including Brooks Sports have already adopted Brand Booster to target online brand campaigns in real time, boosting awareness, purchase intent and sales.

Press Release

Rocket Fuel Unveils Brand Booster 2.0

New features enable brands to apply real-time survey results in any digital channel and across all campaigns.

Redwood Shores, CA (August 22, 2011) – Rocket Fuel Inc., the leader in real-time targeting, today unveiled Brand Booster 2.0, the next generation of its suite of solutions designed specifically to deliver the metrics brand advertisers care about across display, video, mobile and social advertising campaigns. Brand Booster 2.0 is built on the Rocket Fuel Real-Time Targeting Platform, the only ad platform that uses patent-pending technology to combine the most powerful ad targeting techniques with brand impact data to optimize multi-channel campaigns in real time.

Key Facts:

  • Most ad targeting solutions only allow advertisers to optimize campaigns to meet online action goals, such as clicks, leads, or conversions. Traditional brand marketers want online campaigns to drive awareness, preference, purchase intent and offline sales, but the advent of real-time media buying through ad exchanges made measuring, tracking and driving improvement in those metrics an impossible manual task. Rocket Fuel's Brand Booster solution enables brand sentiment feedback to be incorporated and applied to media buying decisions in milliseconds.

  • Rocket Fuel launched its first-of-its-kind Real-Time Brand Optimization (RTBO) solution as part of Brand Booster in April 2010. RTBO uses in-banner surveys, powered by partner online brand effectiveness platforms like Vizu, to measure and optimize online advertising effectiveness in real time without relying on clicks. With the survey results, Rocket Fuel zeros in on the key characteristics of your audience and automatically tunes your campaign to focus on people who are more likely to engage with your brand and respond to your message. Since then, dozens of brands and their agencies have used the solution including Brooks Sports.

  • Brand Booster 2.0's RTBO survey-based optimization technology can now be deployed across multiple digital channels, enabling advertisers to optimize to brand goals across display, video, and mobile. RTBO can also be used across all of an advertiser's digital media buys, not just those purchased through Rocket Fuel.

Features of Brand Booster 2.0:

  • Enhanced real-time brand optimization (RTBO) features that optimize online campaigns based on real-time performance against brand goals. Using industry-standard sampling methodologies, i.e. in-banner surveys, powered by online brand effectiveness platforms like Vizu, marketers can capture and leverage audience characteristics and brand sentiment findings to optimize campaigns in real time -- improving performance as campaigns are unfolding -- not after they are complete. Brands are now able to deploy the solution across display, video, social, and mobile campaigns, and across all their digital buys, enabling campaigns to get smarter, faster. The solution also supports incorporating multiple-question survey feedback in real time.

  • Integration with The Nielsen Company's NetEffect, which allows advertisers to measure the impact of their online campaigns on offline purchases for products tracked within Nielsen's Homescan® Consumer Panel.

  • Data-driven audience targeting technology incorporating two million data points. Where most companies incorporate hundreds of data points, Rocket Fuel has once again lapped the industry with 1000 times the power of the average targeting solution. Rocket Fuel's platform processes more data than the NYSE and NASDAQ combined every day.

  • Enhanced audience insights -- Rocket Fuel has added more than 3,000 new data points across numerous user attributes including demographics, psychographics, past purchases, lifestyles, interests and more -- enabling clients to get extremely detailed insight into the audience profiles who respond to their campaigns.


  • "Real-time brand platforms such as Rocket Fuel's signal a needed shift to more brand relevant solutions for online advertising," said Dan Beltramo, Vizu CEO. "In the campaigns that Vizu has measured, Rocket Fuel is a strong performer for driving Brand Lift metrics, even against endemic sites and portals. We are both focused on driving value through innovation for our customers."

  • "Brand advertisers have been between a rock and a hard place for years -- they want to use online advertising to drive offline sales, but the majority of media targeting and optimization tools are concerned solely with online clicks and conversions," said Richard Frankel, President of Rocket Fuel. "With this next generation of our brand platform we are enabling brands to reach the right customers at the right time and across all digital channels to favorably affect brand sentiment."

About Rocket Fuel Inc.
Rocket Fuel is a real-time targeting company that transforms digital media buys into optimization engines, delivering results from awareness to sales. The company's technology combines all data-driven targeting techniques, from behavioral to contextual, into one comprehensive solution that automatically adapts campaigns in real time to achieve both brand and performance goals. Over 400 of the world's leading brands run on Rocket Fuel across display, mobile, video and social media. Founded by online advertising veterans and computer scientists from Yahoo!, Salesforce.com, and NASA, Rocket Fuel is based in Redwood City, California, and has offices in eight cities including New York and London. For more information on why campaigns run better on Rocket Fuel, visit www.rocketfuel.com.


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