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Rocket Fuel Earns IAB Quality Assurance
Guidelines Certification

Press Release

Leading real-time ad targeting company joins select set of early adopters
that have met extensive training, audit and compliance requirements

Redwood Shores, CA (October 11, 2011) Rocket Fuel Inc., the leading real-time ad targeting company, today announced that it has completed the rigorous process to become an IAB Networks & Exchanges Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) certified company. The IAB’s QAG program provides advertisers with assurance that their brands are safe, and aims to enhance advertisers’ control over the placement and context of their ads and offers transparency to the marketplace by standardizing the information provided to advertisers. The IAB QAG is the only industry-endorsed certification program that exists today.

As part of the compliance process, Rocket Fuel underwent rigorous training, conducted an intensive internal audit, and assigned a dedicated compliance officer to meet the stringent criteria set forth in the IAB’s Quality Assurance Guidelines.

Why IAB QAG Certification is Important:

IAB Networks & Exchanges Quality Assurance Guidelines address four  key objectives for the digital media buying community:

  • QAG-certified networks provide their clients with assurance that their brand is protected.

  • For the first time, ad networks and ad exchanges will be giving advertisers consistent and standardized information, which will serve to build greater marketplace trust.

  • The guidelines provide detailed information for acquiring inventory, contextual taxonomy & targeting, inventory vetting and data disclosure.

  • The guidelines also eliminate confusion through a common vocabulary for targeting and data.

The Benefits of Standardization for Buyers and Sellers:

  • Networks & Exchanges that voluntarily agree to be certified against these guidelines are providing marketers & agencies with a standardized approach that is designed to make buying easier and to give increased control over where ads are placed.

    Marketers & Agencies will have greater brand safety assurances that ads will not appear next to content that they deem inappropriate.


  • “IAB QAG certification is important for transparency and the elimination of confusion in the industry,” said Ari Levenfeld , brand assurance manager of Rocket Fuel. “Rocket Fuel is one of a handful of companies that are certified, but we hope more companies follow our early lead and make this a global standard that truly betters our industry. We think this is another important step that will help keep Rocket Fuel in its industry leadership role in educating brand advertisers on the efficiencies and effectiveness of shifting brand dollars into digital media. We are also proud to be working with the IAB senior leadership to promote the QAG program and participating in the executive committee for QAG Day.”

  • “Quality matters in the advertising value chain, said Seneca Mudd, director of the Networks & Exchanges and Committee at the IAB. “QAG is the seal of a superior standard for networks. Increasingly, advertisers and agencies are demanding that their partners be QAG compliant for the inherent brand safety, system controls, and professional ethics the program represents.  Leading brands deserve no less.”

Supporting IAB QAG Day:

  • IAB QAG Day will take place on Wednesday October 12th simultaneously at hosting agency offices in 7 cities including New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Seattle.

  • The goal of the nation-wide effort is to drive awareness and education through a coordinated event designed to engage and entertain digital media buyers and sellers.

  • More information can be found at www.iab.net/qagday.


About Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is a real-time ad targeting company that transforms digital media buys into self-optimizing engines that learn in real time, delivering great campaign results from awareness to sales. Our technology combines all data-driven targeting techniques, from behavioral to contextual, into one comprehensive solution that automatically adapts campaigns in real time to achieve both brand and performance goals. Over 400 of the world’s leading brands run on Rocket Fuel across display, mobile, video and social media. Founded by online advertising veterans and computer scientists from Yahoo!, DoubleClick, Salesforce.com, and NASA, Rocket Fuel is based in Redwood Shores, California, and has offices in nine cities worldwide including New York and London. For more information on why campaigns run better on Rocket Fuel, visit www.rocketfuel.com.

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