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October 10  

It's 9 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Ads Are?

  by George John
Media buyers shouldn’t be afraid of algorithmic buying; it won’t put them out of a job. Instead, they just need to become technology mavens who understand that buying ads today doesn’t happen via a phone call to Life magazine. (read more >)
October 4   Rocket Fuel's Frankel: Don't Count Out Ad Nets
  by Carla Rover
Richard Frankel, founder and president of Rocket Fuel, is an industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience as an expert in behavioral targeting with companies such as DoubleClick and Yahoo. Frankel believes that although advertising networks appear to be dying, they are simply undergoing necessary change that is reshaping the entire industry. (read more >)
August 30   Rocket Fuel eyes Asia expansion, appoints Ken Mandel into board
  US-based agency Rocket Fuel has named Ken Mandel, head of the Singapore-based Interactive Advertising Bureau, to its board of advisers as the company prepares to enter the Asia-Pacific advertising market. (read more >)
August 24   RIP Last Click: Why Last Click is Dead (Or Should Be)
  by Richard Frankel
Recently, there has been a spate of articles about how last-click attribution is a flawed way to measure online ad effectiveness for advertisers. Others have debated view vs. click attribution. But these debates miss a key point.
(
August 23   The Big Data revolution: 5 startups mining the trend
  by Stuart Thomas
In the information age, companies are literally drowning in vast oceans of data. Petabytes of data are being gathered everywhere in the digital age at a furious rate, and by a variety of devices. Memeburn takes a look at five Silicon Valley startups and how they’re looking to use Big Data.
(
August 19   Rocket Fuel Goes Real-Time, Integrates Ad Targeting Data
  by Laurie Sullivan
Ads aren't as effective as they could be. It takes data -- lots of it -- and many different kinds. Integrating survey data to improve real-time ad targeting, Rocket Fuel on Monday will unveil an update to Brand Booster that integrates survey results in any digital channel across all campaigns.
(
August 15   Rocket Fuel Brand Shield Offers Three Layers of Protection

by Bryn Durgin
Now introducing the Real-Time Brand Safety Shield, powered by Rocket Fuel. Offering brand advertisers and their agencies three layers of defense, Rocket Fuel blocks bad sites and pages before serving an ad on them. (read more >)

August 17   $250B Lost? Brands Are Still Getting Online Ads Wrong

George John gives his opinion on why online advertising is failing to live up to its potential in the hands of brands and their agencies. (read more >)

August 4   HOW TO: Target Ads Without Stalking Customers on the Web

By now, almost everyone has been targeted by online advertising. One minute you’re browsing for a pair of pants and then for days on end, everywhere you go on the web, you’re stalked by the same banner ad. (read more >)

August 1   Rich folks are suckers for digital media (and online ads)

George John chimes in ona recent study released by the IAB that highlights why digital media and online advertisements are the best way to reach the wealthiest Americans.
(

July 26   One Question with George John
  What Are The Characteristics Of The Ideal Startup Employee?
First, let me start with this vibe that exists in Silicon Valley.... and some guys that talk about The Lean Startup. Eric Ries came up with it. I think The Lean Startup misses what I think is the right approach...(read more >)
July 22   Will Wall Street Quants Corrupt Online Advertising?

Recently there’s been some hubbub about advertising becoming too much like Wall Street. The critics worry the advent of ad exchanges, where media is “traded” in real-time like financial securities, will give rise to advertising “quants” who will trade media just to make a buck – and put the ad industry at risk in the way leveraged debt imperiled global financial markets. (read full article >)

July 5   In Defense of Marketing Scientists
  by George John
It’s rational to be concerned about quantitative “trading” of ad impressions and to wonder if it exposes the advertising industry to the troubles that plague Wall Street. Ironically, real-time bidding seems to have triggered these concerns. (read the full article >)
June 29   Real-Time Bidding Turns Into Real-Time Behavioral Targeting

by Laurie Sullivan
Most marketers have heard about real-time bidding, but what about real-time behavioral targeting (BT)? While some brands want to downplay the fact they use targeting services, Rocket Fuel executives continue to tout what founder and CEO George John calls "real-time" BT.
(read the article >)

June 28   Advertising Isn’t Rocket Science
Razorfish's Clark Kokich on buzzwords and a ‘damn good question’ By Erin Griffith (read the article >)
June 15   Wiretap: Here comes the Salesforce Mafia
imedia logo   by Peter Delevett
Sure, everybody's heard about the PayPal Mafia, who launched the online-payment company a decade ago, then went on to build such stalwarts as LinkedIn and YouTube. But what about the Salesforce Mafia? (read the article >)
May 27   Rocket Fuel lands in Britain
UK Trade & Investment logo  

US digital advertising firm Rocket Fuel Inc has announced an expansion into the UK market. The company is hoping to emulate its soaring US growth across the Atlantic from its new European headquarters in London. (read the article >)

May 10   Why clicks are the wrong metric
imedia logo   by Jarvis Mak
A century ago, John Wanamaker said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." Today, online marketers  continue to grapple with the same question in their analysis of metrics.
(read the article >)
May 3   The new, high-tech way to optimize your ads
imedia logo   by Mark Torrance
In the increasingly competitive world of display advertising, the technology used by first-generation ad networks is no longer enough to optimize campaigns. More sophisticated buyers now participate in auction markets using new technologies which enable radical price-performance advantages. (read the article >)
April 29   Fuelling Targeted Ads in the UK
Brand E Biz Logo   Rocket Fuel aims to show that content is not really king. “We prove every day that it isn’t – nor is it queen or jack,” Richard Frankel, president of the intelligent ad serving platform, tells brand-e. (read the article >)
April 8   Rocket Fuel Hiring Engineers
FINS logo  

Online ad startup Rocket Fuel Inc. will hire up to 15 more engineers and developers this year, after receiving $6.6 million in new financing. The company is looking for candidates with experience in Hadoop and in managing large volumes of data.
(read the article >)

April 6   Q&A with Rocket Fuel CEO George John
  AdExchanger interviews George John and discusses the implications of the recent Series C funding, Rocket Fuel's skyrocketing growth, customer success and more.
(read the article >)
April 5   Display Ad Network Rocket Fuel Boosts Valuation
Dow Jones   Display advertising network Rocket Fuel Inc. has boosted its valuation by more than $100 million in less than a year, raising its most recent $6.6 million Series C at a $160 million post-money valuation. (read the article >)
April 5   Venture Capital Dispatch
  Display advertising network Rocket Fuel Inc. has boosted its valuation by more than $100 million in less than a year, raising its most recent $6.6 million Series C at a $160 million post-money valuation. (read the article >)
April 4   Rocket Fuel Raises $6.6 Million Series C
  Display ad optimization startup Rocket Fuel raised $6.6 million in a Series C funding, giving it a $160 million valuation, according to the company. (read the article >)
March 30   Why Data is King

by George John
People who work in advertising are getting nerdy. The "data dorks" are now sought out. We believe the advertising industry will benefit from more data wonks – people who ask insightful questions and make honest, no-nonsense observations so the field can mature and so practitioners can get a deeper understanding of the laws of online advertising. (read the article >)

January 19   Rocket Fuel Fires Up Video Ad Units
  Rocket Fuel has introduced new video pre-roll units that it promises will leverage the company's variety of targeting methods to deliver high-quality audiences more efficiently than the typical online video campaign.(go to MediaPost >)
January 11   AlwaysOn Names Rocket Fuel as OnMedia 100 Winner
  AlwaysOn, the leading open media blog and event community, today announced the winners of the 2010 OnMedia 100 Top Private Companies. This award recognizes the cutting edge technology companies that have emerged as leaders in the worlds of advertising, media, marketing, branding, and publishing. (read the press release >)
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November 22   Display Ad Optimizer Rocket Fuel Is Taking Off With 10X Revenue Growth
  In advertising, if you deliver better results, you will get more advertising dollars thrown your way. That appears to be what is happening with Rocket Fuel, an online ad optimization startup which is showing some promising growth. (go to TechCrunch >)
November 3   Two ecommerce releases help etailers better engage
  As retailers brace for big crowds of shoppers, online marketers are looking for ways to better target consumers who are in-market for specific products. Two new releases, one from Rocket Fuel and another from TrialPay may help brands interact, engage and convert shoppers at higher rates. (go to >)
November 3   Rocket Fuel launches holiday ad service
  The Holiday Shopping Booster will enable marketers to target shoppers more efficiently. (go to >)
October 13   A Roadmap to a Better Media Buy
  In the new display media environment of 2010, media buyers have literally thousands of options when it comes to ad network and website buys. How can buyers approach this in a way that is smart and delivers good value for clients?  
(go to iMedia >)
October 8   Case Study: Converting Virtual Purchases Into Real Revenue
  IMVU, an avatar-based social network and virtual world boasting the world’s largest virtual goods catalog, was looking for a way to use their advertising dollars more effectively. They turned to Rocket Fuel to better understand how their ad dollars could generate more conversions on their Web site. (go to Adotas >)
September 22   Ad Firm with Former NASA Engineers Gets New Funding From Nokia.
  Ad technology company Rocket Fuel has closed its second round of VC funding of $10 million next week. "Rocket Fuel uses prediction and automation techniques derived from rocket science (many employees are former NASA engineers)," a spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews. (go to WebProNews >)
September 22
  In an interview with paidContent, Rocket Fuel CEO George John said that the company is focused on premium brand display and has been seeing a lot more spending from consumer packaged goods companies, in particular.
(go to >)
September 22   Ad Network Rocket Fuel Lands $10 Million Funding
  The startup's boast has been to bring "rocket science" to display advertising by combining a variety of targeting methods including behavioral, contextual, geographic and demographic to optimize campaigns on the fly for better results. Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Rocket Fuel says its ad network reaches 150 million people each month across 20,000 sites. (go to MediaPost >)
September 22   Rocket Fuel Gets $10 Million; CEO John Discusses Plans For Ad Network’s Growth, Trends
  Rocket Fuel Inc. CEO George John talked about the new funds and company plans. (go to >)
September 21   Ad optimizer Rocket Fuel lifts off with $10M from Nokia
  Rocket Fuel, a startup claiming to bring honest-to-God rocket science to the online advertising world, has raised $10 million in its second round of funding. (go to >)
July 25  

Online Data Explicitly Devoid Of Value; Value Determined By Rocket Fuel Tech Says Prez Frankel

  Rocket Fuel announced success it has seen using intender data from consumer intent data exchange companies such as Blue Kai with results showing a "lowering cost per action and engagement metrics by an average of 43.75% versus other targeting methods." Rocket Fuel President Richard Frankel discussed the findings and their implications.
(go to >)
July 21   Rocket Fuel Finds Low-Cost CPA Formula Through BlueKai Ad Data
  Rocket Fuel has developed a formula to lower cost per action (CPA) and engagement metrics by an average of 43.75% compared with other targeting methods. It built custom campaigns combining BlueKai data based on specific audience models using key metrics to serve up ads in real-time with its own suite of targeting algorithms, analytics, expert analysis and real-time impression-level bidding.
(go to MediaPost >)
May 28   Rocket Fuel Links Nielsen Offline Data To Online
  Rocket Fuel has begun to use offline purchase data from Nielsen to power campaigns for brand marketers online. Richard Frankel, president of Rocket Fuel, believes the agreement with the online measurement firm will take marketers deeper toward fulfilling the promise of online ad targeting. (go to MediaPost >)
May 25   Rocket Fuel touting its work with a group of virtual models to strut its stuff
  Ad targeting companies are always looking to improve their model. After all, a targeting algorithm and offline data is only as good as the sum of its parts. For almost a year, Rocket Fuel has been driving the ad campaign and paid user effort of IMVU – delivering a consistent 10 percent lift in conversion rates since IMVU adopted a more targeted approach.
(go to DigiDay:Daily >)
May 23   Rocket Fuel wins Best Startup in the Tech and Innovation Entrepreneur Awards
  This award series recognizes dynamic, innovative entrepreneurs, executives and companies driving the Bay Area’s thriving technology sector, honoring twelve prestigious Bay Area technology companies and individuals from a pool of over 300 applicants. Winners announced in other categories included Pandora, Zynga, and
(go to SF Business Times article >)
May 6   Rocket Fuel launch optimizes brand in real time
  Rocket Fuel has launched a new tool to help brands better optimize their online communications through automated targeting options and metrics.
(go to BizReport >)
April 27   Rocket Fuel To Launch Platform Connecting Online Clicks To Offline Sales
  Marketers that are eager to reach the perfect consumer track campaign budgets carefully, but ultimately want to have the ability to connect online and offline activity. Rocket Fuel is working on technology that will allow marketers to attribute online clicks to offline sales, Richard Frankel, Rocket Fuel president, tells MediaPost. (go to MediaPost >)
April 27   Rocket Fuel Addressing Brands And Attribution Says Pres Frankel
  Richard Frankel, president of Rocket Fuel Inc. discusses Real-Time Brand Optimization, the Dynamic Logic integration and challenges for brand marketers today.
(go to >)
March 31   Provoking Google And Yahoo
  by Laurie Burkitt
OpenX takes the fight for Web ads overseas
Does OpenX have a fighting chance? There's good opportunity for a company to build an expansive exchange in Europe, says Richard Frankel, president of Redwood Shores, Calif., ad-serving company Rocket Fuel and Yahoo advertising veteran. (go to >)
March 23   10 Surprising Ways Humans Use The Internet (According To Robots)
  Startup Rocket Fuel has a bunch of fancy algorithms -- robots, really -- that it uses to help big advertisers target their ads to the right online audiences. (go to SV Insider >)
March 11   Google Gains Traction in Display-Ad Push
  by Jessica E. Vascellaro adn Emily SteelGoogle Inc. is signing up marketers to use its latest display-advertising technology, pressuring rival Yahoo Inc. and advancing the search giant's effort to change the way ads are sold across the Internet.
(go to WSJ >)
February 23   You can’t manage online ad inventory like a stock market
  by George John
It’s fashionable to talk about online ad inventory as a commodity that can be traded on exchanges and priced fairly through a market mechanism, just like trading stocks on Wall Street. The analogy misses important differences between online ad inventory and commodities, ones that create opportunities for companies that have the technology to capitalize on the distinctions.
(go to >)
January 15   The Myths And Realities of Retargeting
  by Richard Frankel
One of the most popular and fastest-growing display advertising tactics is retargeting, also known as remarketing. But as with any marketing technique, retargeting can be misused, misunderstood, and abused.
(go to >)
January 5   Demystifying Exchanges
  by Richard Frankel
With so many new exchanges and exchange-like companies coming into existence, there is a tremendous opportunity for new kinds of efficiencies and optimization if marketers can learn how best to take advantage of all these companies. (go to Adotas >)
    Online Insights: Online Advertising
  by Richard Frankel
Understanding Brand and DR Synergy
"Companies that overlook retail branding sacrifice both long-term and short-term margins."
(go to Online Strategies >)
January 5   Adotas – Industry Round Up
  Rocket Fuel is offering their brands more of a kick with its new Audience Booster add-on to its recently debuted hybrid ad serving platform. (go to Adotas >)
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November 3   Progressive Targeting Boosts Lord & Taylor's ROI
  Rocket Fuel has partnered with Morpheus Media to drive sales, loyalty and brand engagement for Lord & Taylor.
(go to Media Post >)
October 29   A 1-2-3 Punch to Display Advertising ROI
  Media Post - Nicely described as "high-fidelity media buying in real-time"
"Take advantage of three emerging technology trends that are changing the Display vs. Search battle for a lot of marketers." (go to Media Post >)
October 23   The Value Of The New Machine
  Media Post - Richard Frankel interviewed for Steve Smith's latest column
"For Frankel, the process of planning and executing online is perhaps too complicated for humans. He is a big believer in the role algorithms and automation will play in digital advertising's future." (go to Media Post >)
August 24   Deal Radar - Sramana Mitra Deal Radar 2009: Rocket Fuel
  Rocket Fuel claims that it has two advantages going for it in the quest to find out what ads people want to see: the experience of its founders and a technology-based hybrid approach. (go to >)
August 24  

Rocket Fuel CEO John Says Ad Exchanges More Like A Technology Platform Than Media Source

  Q&A with CEO George John
R ocketFuel CEO John Says Ad Exchanges More Like A Technology Platform Than Media Source
(go to >)
August 18   Abhinav Gupta co-founded Rocket Fuel showcases hybrid ad network
  Rocket Fuel co-founded by Abhinav Gupta, has launched its hybrid ad network that combines social, behavioral, contextual, search and many other sources to understand consumer interest and intent. (go to SiliconIndia >)
August 17   Behavioral Ad Platform Rolled Out
  Rocket Fuel has launched an intelligent online ad-serving platform that combines social, behavioral, contextual, search and many other sources to understand consumer interest and intent. (go to MrWeb >)
August 17   Rocket Fuel ad network blasts off
  Revolution Magazine
Developers behind Yahoo!'s behavioural targeting technology have quietly launched a new ad network which combines social, behavioural, contextual, geographical and search data to serve the most appropriate ad.
(go to >)
August 17   Adotas
  Rocket Fuel, a self-described hybrid ad network, has announced the launch of its intelligent ad serving platform that drives results for advertisers by automatically leveraging massive amounts of internal and third-party data and serving only the best impressions in the context of each advertiser’s unique marketing objectives. (go to Adotas >)
August 16   Yahoo Veterans Launch Rocket Fuel, A “Hybrid” Ad Network
  TechCrunch - covers Rocket Fuel's official "launch"
A team of Yahoo veterans who built its behavioral targeting advertising technology are publicly launching a hybrid ad network today called Rocket Fuel, which they’ve tested over the past year with major brands including Nike, Dell, Microsoft, and American Express. (go to TechCrunch >)
July 22   ClickZ - Rocket Fuel lends expert insight
  "Creative Is the 'Last Mile' in Behavioral Targeting"
(go to ClickZ>)
April 1   Richard Frankel Quoted in Brian Massey's ClickZ column
  "A Conversion Professional's Dream: Behavioral Marketing" (go to ClickZ >)
March 27   ClickZ recognizes candor and authentic voice of Rocket Fuel Web site
  "Rocket Fuel gets my award for Most Provocative Language," wrote Brian Massey
(go to ClickZ >)

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