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Rocket Fuel Inc. Partners with Dynamic Logic to Deliver Industry’s First Real-Time Optimization Solution for Online Display Branding Campaigns

Press Release

Exclusive offering enables brand marketers to get audience feedback to make campaigns work better now.

Redwood Shores, CA (April 23, 2010) – Rocket Fuel Inc. today announced the launch of its Real-Time Brand Optimization solution powered by Dynamic Logic, the experts in marketing effectiveness research. This solution for the first time delivers display ad targeting optimization based on brand perception and audience characteristics in real-time. Brand advertisers no longer have to rely on click-through rates or other less relevant metrics to understand if they’re reaching the best audiences and to tune their campaigns. Marketers can now let Rocket Fuel optimize the targeting of their campaigns based on familiar characteristics such as being in-market for a product or being favorable towards it.

“Brand marketers finally have an option that leverages the metrics they care about most,” said Richard Frankel, president of Rocket Fuel Inc. “Click or conversion optimization is a good choice for some campaigns, but we’re excited that major brands can now optimize on audience characteristics such as brand favorability, intent to purchase and brand awareness. It’s time for brand marketers to make interactive advertising a bigger slice of their marketing budget and benefit from the efficiencies that the web brings in reaching their audiences – this is the solution to help make that happen.”

Traditional brand marketers value measuring the brand impact of their campaigns but continue to have poor choices for optimizing in-market. Optimizing based on click rates or conversion rates provides no guarantee of results and often does not apply to an advertiser’s brand. Rocket Fuel’s new solution powered by Dynamic Logic provides automated audience targeting based on a key metric chosen by the advertiser.

“Rocket Fuel is emerging as a leader in data-driven advertising solutions,” said Ken Mallon, senior vice president, custom solutions & ad effectiveness consulting at Dynamic Logic. “We’re excited to help Rocket Fuel provide a unique, new solution that makes advertising more relevant – this is something brand marketers have needed for some time.”

How Real-Time Brand Optimization Works
Rocket Fuel first builds a custom audience profile for each ad campaign by layering multiple types of data about consumers – including demographic, interest, lifestyle, purchase history, behavioral, contextual, social, search and more. As the campaign runs, the Rocket Fuel Platform uses Dynamic Logic’s real-time survey data to determine the characteristics of those most likely to exhibit the brand responses or audience characteristics desired by the advertiser. Rocket Fuel then optimizes the targeting for the campaign based on the desired brand and audience metrics.

As part of the solution, Rocket Fuel offers analyses that identify the key drivers of a campaign’s success – content, creative, demographics, geography and more. These insights about target audience characteristics can be used to improve future online and offline marketing and creative development. In addition, advertisers who want to measure the overall impact of the campaign with deeper brand metrics can layer on one or more of Dynamic Logic’s ad effectiveness solutions.

“The web has long held out great promise to marketers, but to date has mostly been used as a direct response medium. It’s about time that brand marketers metrics were treated with the same real-time optimization technology that DR marketers have taken advantage of,” says George John, CEO of Rocket Fuel. “With our new brand optimization capability, we’re taking a huge step forward to turn the web into a powerful branding medium.”

About Rocket Fuel Inc.
Rocket Fuel Inc. is the company bringing rocket science to online display advertising. The company provides turnkey media and campaign management to deliver better results faster for major agencies and brand advertisers like Infiniti and Lord & Taylor. Unlike self-serve platforms that burden media teams with learning new tools and executing complex campaigns manually, they make it easier – not harder – for advertisers to efficiently find and buy their target audiences. And unlike ad networks whose value-add is in a cobbled collection of sites or audiences, Rocket Fuel's data-driven advertising technology builds a custom campaign-specific audience model and automatically tunes campaigns to an advertiser's key metrics – whether their objectives are brand-oriented or performance driven. If you can measure it, Rocket Fuel can optimize it. The Silicon Valley-based company was founded by veterans from Yahoo!, DoubleClick, Epiphany and salesforce.com. For more information visit www.rocketfuelinc.com.

About Dynamic Logic
Millward Brown’s Dynamic Logic (www.dynamiclogic.com) is a leader in providing advertising effectiveness insights across digital platforms. Dynamic Logic offers world-class expertise on brand building and media based on its normative database of thousands of digital campaigns, the largest in the industry. Founded in 1999, Dynamic Logic pioneered online branding measurement and has since developed innovations across 27 digital platforms, with specialty practices in cross-media, social media, mobile, gaming and custom solutions.

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