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Rocket Fuel offers a “white glove” based solution to instantly enable deep, accurate audience targeting capabilities to ad networks and publishers. Get high-precision, cost-effective reach and scalable performance for your advertisers – instantly.


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Find Precision Audiences at Scale, Instantly
Whether you need to add scale to fulfill larger ad buys or respond to audience targeting requests, Audience Accelerator can help. Audience Accelerator gives you the ability to instantly scale and add audience targeting capabilities to your sales offerings. Rocket Fuel’s proprietary optimization technology utilizes dozens of online and offline data providers to provide targeted audience modeling and reach extension on certified brand-safe inventory across all the major exchanges and publishers in the Rocket Fuel Network.

Instantly Add Enormous Scale
Audience Accelerator allows you to concentrate revenue to your most valued publishers and eliminates the need for “pure reach/performance” sources. It also enables you to fulfill 100% of nearly any size ad budget – you’ll never turn down an RFP or insertion order due to inventory or targeting limitations again. We can scale performing inventory in real-time so you can respond to nearly any size RFP, including very short time-frames (burst) and small niche-audience requests. Audience Accelerator is simply the most efficient and cost effective way to add performance and scale – without the time and cost of building and managing your own publisher network.

Launch, Learn & Scale Approach Delivers High-Composition Audiences

Rocket Fuel Audience Accelerator tracks every impression and continuously learns what works to tailor each campaign’s audience in real-time, and then scales the campaign by combining all available data to create a high-performance composite audience segment.
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How Rocket Fuel Works
Rocket Fuel goes beyond behavioral, contextual or geo-targeting by combining intelligent demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent, and social data with its own suite of targeting algorithms, blended analytics and expert analysis. Rocket Fuel’s technology identifies audiences across any media and targets them in brand-safe environments. And it drives higher performance for advertisers by turning untargeted media into high-performance impressions and valuable qualified segments.

Custom Designer Audiences Built for Each Client’s Goals
Rocket Fuel leverages more than 20 data partners that provide access to over 10-thousand unique data segments about users online. We can help you get ahead of the curve with the increasingly requested feature of audience targeting, and help your advertisers be much more precise in reaching their target audience. Rocket Fuel layers all of this third-party data, as well as proprietary data, to build campaign-specific audience models that are optimized based on each advertiser’s specific goals.

This data includes demographic or psychographic characteristics, social behavior, in-market transactional activity, lifestyles, and purchase-based data in industry verticals such as consumer packaged goods, automotive, travel, retail and pharmaceuticals. And, Rocket Fuel can even leverage certain types of offline data including Nielsen PRIZM segments, Nielsen Homescan panel activity, insurance claims and more.

If You Can Measure It, We Can Optimize It
For brand advertisers, we can leverage data to get mass reach and drive lift in upper & mid funnel metrics (awareness, consideration, purchase intent, etc). For direct response advertisers, we can leverage data to drive lower funnel metrics (leads, sales, sign ups, registrations, etc).

Types of actionable data include:

• Demographics • Lifestyles (social, purchases, etc.)
• Interests • Psychographics
• Product/brand affinities • Context
• Social • Product/brand preferences (purchases)
• Past Purchases • In-market (search intent & other)
• User Activity (online actions, frequency, browsing behavior, recency)

Comprehensive Brand Safety Defends Against Inappropriate Content
Rocket Fuel’s Real-Time Brand Safety Shield uses multiple levels of defense against showing ads on inappropriate content. Rocket Fuel’s proprietary tools filter out impressions from unsafe URLs in real time, and analyze sites where impressions are served to comply with each campaign’s requirements. Our technology is also integrated with leading brand safety tools from industry leaders like AdSafe, DoubleVerify, Peer39, Adxpose and Proximic to guarantee quality reach for your campaign.

Insight Reporting Helps Target the Right Consumers
Rocket Fuel also offers custom analyses that identify the key drivers of a campaign’s success – content, creative, demographics, geography and more. These insights improve future online and offline marketing and creative development. Advertisers will understand what’s working and why, and what’s not working – to get smarter, faster. Advertisers also get insights on consumer profile characteristics as they relate to their brand.

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