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There’s an enormous amount of data that can make finding your customers much easier and less costly – the trick is having the horsepower to harness, analyze and act on it.


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Rocket Fuel Audience Booster

Before the arrival of online data, the adage was “content is king” in the world of online advertising. Advertisers relied solely on content sites as the methodology for reaching their audience online because that was traditionally how offline media had been bought. But that approach tended to yield low precision and reach of their target audience. Now, with more and more online data readily available, advertisers can be much more efficient in reaching their target audience.
Audience Booster
™ delivers high precision target audiences with high reach across the Web by focusing on the data that matters – the data that works.

Online data has evolved from simply providing insights like browsing activity, shopping cart info, sign ups, etc. into an incredible selection of more than 20,000 unique audience segments. Advertisers can even leverage offline purchase and consumption data for their online campaigns. This shift unlocks a whole new world of measurability and results.

Launch, Learn & Scale Approach Delivers High-Composition Audiences

Rocket Fuel tracks every impression and continuously learns what works to tailor each campaign’s audience in real-time, and then scales the campaign by combining all available data to create a high-performance composite audience segment.
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How it Works
Audience Booster goes beyond behavioral, contextual or geo-targeting by combining intelligent demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent, and social data with our own suite of targeting algorithms, blended analytics and expert analysis. Audience Booster finds your audience across any online media whether premium or user-generated. It turns untargeted media into high-performance brand-safe experiences. And it drives higher performance for advertisers by turning untargeted media into high-performance impressions and valuable qualified segments.

Select Targeting Strategies
We can zero-in on your customers based on age, gender, profession, ethnicity, and relationship status; people actively in purchasing mode; users engaged in highly targeted activities that define their interests and personalities; and people with affinity to your customers.

select targeting stratgegies

Rocket Fuel offers more than 20,000 unique audience segments, including:


Soccer Moms – care for school age children, prioritize spending time with family, and seek value, quality, price and convenience when shopping for grocery products.

• Primary grocery decision makers, coupon clip & bargain hunt
• Frequently buy children’s products & home goods
• Enjoy entertaining at home & cooking for her family
• Interested in parenting, cooking & home decorating


Moms-On-the-Go – are career-oriented and thrive on time-saving products that allow them to spend more time with family.

• Socially active & Web savvy
• Enjoy dining at family restaurants & steakhouses
• Frequently buy quick-fix meals & time-saving products
• Altruistic, responsible & creative psychographics


Caregivers – are primary caretakers for a child or senior parent.

• Generally female
• Frequently buy health & wellness, senior and children’s products
• Interested in online forums, health & medical content
• Altruistic, responsible & caring psychographics


Gadget Geeks – are early technology adopters who are passionate about gadgets and sharing their advice/expertise with friends.

• Passionate about technology & gadgets
• Enjoy sharing tech expertise with family & friends
• Prioritize quality & brand when shopping
• Interested in researching & buying the newest gadgets


Fashionistas – love to shop and is on the cutting edge of style and trends.

• Frequently buys luxury brand products
• Interested in the latest trends & fashion
• Enjoy shopping/browsing for products online & offline


Leisure Travelers – live to travel for pleasure and frequently hunt for travel deals.

• Passionate about travel & travel deals
• Frequent Flier
• Enjoy researching about travel online


Value Shoppers – are budget-conscious shoppers seeking value and quality.

• Research online for deals & coupons
• Interested in sweepstakes & contests
• Primary grocery decision maker, coupon clips & bargain hunts


Luxury Auto Buyers – are people with high household incomes in-market for luxury vehicles.

• High Net Worth & Household Income of $75K+
• Research online before purchasing a vehicle
• Frequently buy luxury products
• Interested in luxury sports, media & technology
• Self-starter, leadership & responsibility psychographics

  Small Business Owners – are owners or decision makers at small businesses.
• Business decision makers
• Have travel rewards card or small business credit card & AAA member
• Frequently travel for business & frequent fliers
• Enjoy reading business, finance & investing news

Business Decision Makers – are C-Suite executives or managers at businesses.

• High net worth & HHI of $100K+
• C-Suite executive, management or consultant
• Have college or graduate school education
• Frequently travel for business & frequent fliers
• Enjoy luxury lifestyle & own luxury vehicles


Do-It-Yourselfers – thrive on home & garden improvement projects.

• Frequently visit home improvement stores
• Frequently buy tools, home renovation & home furnishing products
• Enjoy fixing/building projects in the home & garden


Green & Eco-Friendlies – believe in recycling and buying green and eco-friendly products to create a more sustainable future.

• Socially conscious & politically active
• Healthy & fit lifestyle
• Recycle/buy eco-friendly, organic & natural foods
• Interested in keeping up with environmental news
• Optimistic, responsible & altruistic psychographics

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For brand advertisers, Audience Booster can leverage data to get mass reach, impact, drive lift in upper & mid-funnel metrics – awareness, consideration, purchase intent, and more.

For direct response advertisers, Audience Booster can leverage data to drive lower-funnel metrics – leads, sales, sign ups, registrations, and more.

Types of available data include:

  • Demographics
  • Context
  • Social
  • Interests
  • Psychographics
  • Lifestyles – social, purchases
  • Product/brand affinities
  • Product/brand preferences –
    past purchases
  • In-market – search intent &
    other data
  • Past Purchases
  • User Activity – online actions,
    frequency, browsing behavior, recency