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Now there’s an answer for auto marketers looking for a solution that can efficiently reach their target audiences, span across industry tiers & channels, and deliver against all of their goals – at every stage of the marketing funnel.


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Rocket Fuel Auto Booster

Rocket Fuel Auto Booster™ solves the uncoordinated traditional media systems used by auto advertisers that separate and silo the campaigns that run across auto industry tiers. Rocket Fuel Auto Booster brings together the tools necessary to run unified campaignsthat for the first time – are designed to address brand and direct response campaigns across tiers. Rocket Fuel Auto Booster leverages brand awareness and consideration with purchase intent driving efficiencies in a coordinated way to bring prospects through the marketing funnel in a manner that acknowledges their attitudes and shopping stage.

Designed specifically for auto advertisers, Rocket Fuel Auto Booster precisely identifies and targets audiences at each stage of the marketing funnel creating an integrated end-to-end solution that supports pre-launch activities, launch, continuity branding and lead generation campaigns. By coordinating campaigns across models, industry tiers, marketing initiatives and channels, each campaign can learn from and inform each other to boost performance. Each campaign is automatically optimized in real-time and can run simultaneously on online display, video and mobile channels.

Rocket Fuel Auto Booster can be used to boost every phase of the consumer purchase cycle – from building awareness through boosting consideration, to driving leads, increasing website KPIs and stimulating purchase.

Bringing the Right Audience to the Mix
Rocket Fuel Auto Booster precision targets and identifies the audience that matters leveraging verified online and offline research to create a custom auto buying audience that includes:

  • New auto buyers
  • In-market auto shoppers
  • In-market auto shoppers with an affinity to your brand
  • In-market auto shoppers with an affinity to your competitors' brands (competitive conquesting)
  • Ideal customers for your brand
  • Most likely switchers for your brand
  • Socially active and influential users
  • People with lifestyles that fit your brand
  • People in-market who've exhibited interest – request a quote, schedule a test drive, configure models, locate a dealer

Boosting Consideration is Key
According to a J.D. Power and Associates study, over one-third of in-market auto buyers seriously consider only one vehicle. Boosting consideration and identifying the right audience is critical. Rocket Fuel Auto Booster provides the most effective methodology for increasing audience consideration at scale combining more than 30,000 attributes and data points to find the right audience in the right context. No longer are auto advertisers limited to the adage "content is king" in the world of online advertising as audience data allows for high precision and reach of the auto buying audience. Rocket Fuel Auto Booster focuses on attitudinal indicators to automatically identify audience segments with the highest lift in brand consideration. Adapting our models to focus on the right audience, Rocket Fuel Auto Booster intelligently scales the campaign by building lookalike models and continuously optimizing in real-time every 15 minutes.

Leveraging Brand Insights to Drive Direct Response Goals
Now that you have boosted consideration, doesn't it make sense to use those results to arm your direct response campaigns? By coordinating insights across initiatives, auto advertisers can drive efficiencies and lead valuable prospects through the purchasing funnel. Rocket Fuel Auto Booster automatically captures and harvests the results and insights from the brand consideration campaign using a proprietary Insights Vault™ to drive direct response goals such as leads, website KPIs and visits to auto dealerships. In addition, the Insights Vault becomes a continuous insights generator that can inform concurrent and subsequent campaigns, arming clients with valuable data to maximize the impact of all their marketing efforts.

Closed Circuit Insights
Rocket Fuel Auto Booster provides end-to-end closed circuit insights leveraging verified offline data from our extended partner network to reliably measure longitudinal offline sales lift and effectively gauge the true ROI from online campaigns.

Launch, Learn & Scale Approach Delivers High-Composition Audiences with High Reach

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