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Brand Booster Suite delivers better results against marketers’ brand goals in real-time throughout the marketing funnel. Get precision, scale, accountability & speed of improvement for your brand campaigns.


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Brand Booster Suite™

Brand Booster Suite™ offers a better way to run successful campaigns – by tracking brand metrics and equity elements in real-time and measuring the composition of the audience seeing your ads, and then using these measurements to immediately improve results.

Optimize to the metrics you care about – brand awareness, message association, consideration, or purchase intent – and see improved results in real time as the campaign is running. Brand Booster can be used at every phase of the consumer purchase cycle, from driving awareness through increasing consideration, to stimulating purchase.

Here’s how it works: As your campaign runs, Rocket Fuel leverages in-banner surveys to take the pulse of the audience being reached, and optimizes the campaign as it runs, based on the desired brand metrics.

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Custom Designer Audiences Built for Each Client’s Goals
Brand Booster layers data from more than 20 partners, as well as Rocket Fuel’s proprietary data store, to build campaign-specific audience models optimized based on each client’s specific campaign goals. This data includes demographic or psychographic characteristics, social behavior, in-market transactional activity, or lifestyles, and, when relevant, purchase-based data in industry verticals such as consumer packaged goods, automotive, travel, retail or pharmaceuticals.

Exclusive Real-Time Brand Optimization
Brand Booster delivers display ad optimization based on brand perception and audience characteristics – allowing advertisers to measure, track and see improvement in brand metrics as the campaign runs. Industry standard in-banner surveys benchmark lift in the associated brand attributes being measured. Surveys are built to test target effectiveness (Are we reaching the right audience?) or ad effectiveness (e.g. Are we increasing awareness of our brand?).

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Whatever a brander wants to measure, Rocket Fuel can measure it – including brand emphasis metrics (awareness, recall, message association, purchase consideration, favorability, recommendation, intent and more), or audience metrics (demographics, interests, in-market, lifestyles, etc). Rocket Fuel determines the characteristics of those most likely to exhibit the brand responses or audience characteristics desired by the advertiser. The platform then automatically optimizes campaign targeting based on the desired brand and audience metrics.

Measure the Impact of the Campaign on Offline Sales
Brand Booster is integrated with The Nielsen Company’s NetEffect, which allows
advertisers to measure the impact of their online campaign on offline purchases for products tracked within Nielsen’s Homescan® Consumer Panel. Nielsen also provides insight into audience demographics, which can then be used to refine audience models for future campaigns.

Audience “Look-alikes” Increase Target Reach
Brand Booster leverages all of Rocket Fuel’s data to better focus on valuable customers most likely to achieve an advertiser’s objectives. Once Brand Booster understands what works best, it can use this knowledge to find more people who fit the target. Leveraging the Rocket Fuel Platform, Brand Booster builds audience models targeting consumers with relevant audience affinities and can thus provide the scale for campaigns that advertisers demand.

Comprehensive Brand Safety Defends Against Inappropriate Content
Brand Booster provides comprehensive brand safety using multiple levels of defense against showing ads on inappropriate content. Rocket Fuel’s proprietary tools filter out impressions from unsafe URLs in real time, and analyze sites where impressions are served to comply with each campaign’s requirements. It is also integrated with leading brand safety tools from industry leader AdSafe to guarantee quality.

Audience Verification Ensures the Right Audience was Reached
Brand Booster offers advertisers the ability to leverage comScore AdEffx™ to accurately account for ad delivery against intended target audiences. This ensures that the right audience was actually reached and that the engaged audience profile matches the intended audience.

Insight Reporting Helps Target the Right Consumers
Rocket Fuel offers analyses that identify the key drivers of a campaign’s success –content, creative, demographics, geography and more. These insights improve future online and offline marketing and creative development. Advertisers will understand what’s working and why, and what’s not working – to get smarter, faster. Advertisers also get insights on consumer profile characteristics as they relate to their brand.

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How well does Brand Booster perform?

For a major toothpaste brand, Rocket Fuel generated lift in awareness for millions of consumers, progressively getting smarter and improving brand engagement by 55% for a major toothpaste brand.

For a major hardware retailer, Rocket Fuel delivered “New Mover” audience with a 13.7x over index:

  • #1 media partner by volume of “New Movers”
  • Most efficient media partner in driving engagement and
    specific actions on Web site