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Our Demand-Side Platform is available as an outsourced “on-demand” service. There’s no ramp up, training or new interface for your team to learn. Instead, we take the hard work off your plate.


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Rocket Fuel Demand-Side Platform

Rocket Fuel’s Intelligent Demand-Side Platform provides marketers with single-source access to multiple exchanges and data providers, impression-level real-time bidding, and automated optimization – all designed to maximize the quality, efficiency and scale of display campaigns.

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Media Partners
The Rocket Fuel Platform is integrated with all of the leading ad exchanges to deliver maximum reach and scalability for your campaigns. We build designer audiences for your campaign by buying individual impressions of the users that matter most – the ones we’ve determined fit your customized data-driven audience profile.

Data Partners
Our Platform is integrated with many of the leading third-party data providers – allowing us to leverage demographic, interest, lifestyle, past purchase, behavioral, in-market, social, purchase intent and search data to build a custom audience profile for each advertiser’s unique marketing objectives.

We go beyond other audience targeting technologies by layering multiple unique data sources with our own suite of targeting algorithms, analytics, automation and expert analysis to deliver high composition of your target audience.

Real-time Bidding
Our Automated Real-Time Bidding technology secures only the most relevant
impressions based on your target audience and campaign objectives.

Automated Optimization
Our Progressive Optimization™ immediately focuses the campaign on your metrics (such as engagement) based on top performing characteristics like sites, creative, ad unit size, time of day, geography, behavior and demographics. These top performing uplift characteristics create a ‘custom segment’ for your particular campaign or creative. Our system then focuses on finding users who fit your ‘custom segment’ profile throughout the Web – and optimizes to your campaign goals in real time.

We manage the complexity for you
Our Demand-Side Platform is available as a completely outsourced “on-demand” service. There’s no ramp up, training or new interface for your team to learn. Instead, we take the hard work off your plate and efficiently run your campaign through our automated platform – and optimize around the clock.

Real-Time Brand Optimization
Our exclusive partnership with the leading digital brand effectiveness company Dynamic Logic allows us to deliver an industry first – Real-Time Brand Optimization. By leveraging in-banner surveys that focus on either audience or brand-oriented questions, we can optimize your campaign based on these brand metrics in real-time – without the traditional weeks or even months spent aggregating the data and making sense of the findings to make future campaigns work better.

Sales Boost Measurement
Our offline sales partner the Nielsen Company allows us to offer a serivce that can benchmark the lift your online campaign has on actual in-store purchases – for any consumer package good product that is in the Nielsen HomeScan database.

Audience Validation
Our audience partner comScore allows us to get third-party validation on your audience’s composition – so you can see just exactly how efficient our technology was in reaching your core audience.

Dynamic Display
Our dynamic creative partners like PointRoll and ADISN allow us to offer dynamic ad display for campaigns that run on the Rocket Fuel Platform. Their technology dynamically customizes your creative for maximum relevance and impact based on the consumer’s profile, interests and surfing behavior. We can optimize a campaign based on hundreds of customized ad units that are dynamically built including – brand logos, marketing messages, animation intros, calls to action, images, background colors and more.

Quality Control & Safety
Rocket Fuel has partnered with AdSafe Media to monitor the quality of the impressions delivered for your campaigns. The AdSafe technology employs a strict content rating system to rapidly qualify every impression during your campaign to prevent your brand from showing up on content that may be inappropriate or undesirable. AdSafe develops and delivers detailed network traffic reports and analysis that track trends, inventory performance and publisher compliance within the Rocket Fuel Network.

Insights and Learnings
Our Insight Reports identify the key drivers of your campaign’s success (content, creative, demographics, geography and more) – and help us target the right consumers more effectively and efficiently. You’ll understand what’s working and why, and what’s not working – so you get smarter, faster. These insights allow us to optimize results so campaign performance gets progressively better over time.

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