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Maximize campaign impact at every stage of the holiday purchase cycle


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Holiday Shopping Booster

Rocket Fuel can quickly scale your campaign to maximize impact and efficiently reach shoppers when they’re most receptive to your message, across display, video, social and mobile media.

Cross-Funnel Synchronization – Make Every Dollar Work Smarter
Rocket Fuel’s Holiday Booster maximizes campaign performance and sales impact across every phase of the consumer purchase cycle – from boosting awareness and favorability to driving your target audience to shopping sites and into stores.

Holiday Booster’s ability to manage dual objectives, optimizing to both brand and direct response goals in real time, makes every campaign dollar go farther and work smarter. Rocket Fuel is the first and only company able to connect brand awareness and consideration with purchase intent in its targeting approach.

Holiday Shopping Booster helps advertisers:

  • Streamline and connect brand and DR efforts to maximize ROI in accelerated cycles and during peak periods.

  • Boost retargeting by discerning the most valuable shoppers within your retargeting pool and building a custom audience from all relevant data, from behavior to context.

  • Dynamically conquest to reach shoppers active with specific brands or products.

  • Optimize across all digital channels including display, video, mobile & social – leverage learning across each channel to influence the broader campaign.

  • Strategically blast target audiences to match spikes in the holiday sales cycle and break through the noise.

  • Generate actionable, new insights about how brand and DR campaigns influence each other.


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