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Mobile Booster goes beyond traditional mobile buys by harnessing the intelligence of data-driven online ads and leveraging those insights to create a custom audience profile – purpose-built to engage mobile audiences with your brand.


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Mobile Booster™

Mobile is everywhere. Desktops and laptops are no longer a prerequisite to surf the Web, engage in rich media or purchase products. Smartphones have fueled the growth of getting information on the go. People are consuming mobile media at a voracious pace. As dollars shift from traditional media to the Web, the next shift will be from the Web to mobile as the primary way to reach certain users, locations or audiences.

The good news is that mobile is a high-performance medium with more than 4x the click through rate of the Web. The bad news is that this audience was traditionally hard to target, until now. The company that brought rocket science to the Web is now bringing that same know how and street-smart targeting to mobile. Rocket Fuel discovers what works in the display world – including what drives specific actions and conversions – and then uses this to craft mobile buying and optimization decisions.

Rocket Fuel uses its learnings gathered during the online ad process to inform our mobile impression decisions and optimizations.

Find the users that respond best to your online ads
and then put your mobile ads in front of more users just like them.

  Leverage a custom data-driven audience profile to drive mobile impression delivery.

Rocket Fuel Mobile Network
Mobile Booster taps into Rocket Fuel’s extensive Mobile Network – providing access to more than 8,000 premium publishers and reaching more than 80-million unique users a month, across all major platforms including Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. Our Network offers brand and direct response advertisers a combination of WAP (sites and pages) and APP (in-application) mobile content. The Network also provides access to traditional pages viewed on mobile devices, including users consuming content on their iPads and other tablet devices.

Rich Immersive Interactivity
Mobile Booster offers most popular click-to and post-click actions for advertisers to create a rich immersive experience for their audience – which means longer engagement times and higher consumption rates.

Click-to Actions: Browse, Call, Video, Locate, SMS, Storyboard

Post-click Actions: Call, Video, Expanded Ad Unit, Landing Page, Map, Mobile Video

Click-Landing Pages
Most traditional sites don’t work in most mobile browsing environments. It is highly advised to provide a basic mobile site, focused on your audience that communicates the key elements of your message to the mobile consumer. Rocket Fuel works with several partners, including industry leader Velti Inc., to help craft how you handle consumers after they have responded to your mobile ad.

Get the Attention You Deserve with Rich Media
Rocket Fuel understands that advertisers like things that command attention for
their brand and jump out on the phone. Rich mobile creative solutions are available through our networks of creative partners. Our best-of-breed creative network includes companies that specialize in creating those exact brand experiences, including:

• Takeovers • Immersive environments • Custom applications • Adhesive ad units

Put the Power of Video In Your Audience’s Hands
Looking to expand your video reach onto mobile handsets? Our Mobile Video Network will automatically convert your web video into mobile-friendly creative. The videos will be served as a full-screen preamble to free iPhone and iPad applications, after which the user will be automatically taken to a mobile landing site.

Arming You With Deep Insights
As a campaign add-on, Rocket Fuel offers several levels of analyses that identify the key drivers of a campaign’s success – content, creative, demographics, geography and more. In the unreliable world of mobile [video] reporting, our reports ensure a consistent and reliable view of your core data. Our Insights Booster™ cross-channel analytics packages help you understand what’s working and why, and allow you to better understand the quality, composition and characteristics of the audience being reached in each channel.

Cross-Channel Reporting provides insights that show how audience targeting characteristics corrrelate across channels.Cross-Channel Reporting provides insights that show how audience targeting characteristics corrrelate across channels.

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