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Don’t settle for “vanilla” retargeting. Our technology works smarter and boosts your ROI by focusing on the core set of valuable customers that are most likely to engage with your brand and take action.


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Rocket Fuel ReTargeting Booster

Rocket Fuel’s Retargeting Booster is the best way to bring the most important people back to your Web site and turn those lost prospects into active customers.

Our technology leverages tons of data to better focus on the set of valuable customers that are most likely to achieve an advertiser’s objectives – whether you want consumers to perform a conversion action or build affinity with your brand. And we can even find & target more customers just like them – something regular retargeting solutions that are limited by working within a fixed set of identified users can’t do.

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All Users Are Not Created Equal
Retargeting Booster gives you a much more granular view of your users within your cookie pool and differentiates visitors based on a number of data-driven factors. This allows us to hone in on the ones that matter – based on whatever metrics you define.

Our technology builds a clearer picture of your users by evaluating their:

  • propensity to convert

  • purchase cycles

  • overall potential customer value.

Retarget Booster works smarter by continuously learning and adjusting for many campaign variables to boost performance, focusing in on the right site(s), the right time of the day, and the right ad frequency for each user.

We can zero-in on your customers based on:

  • Age, Gender, Profession, Ethnicity, and Relationship status

  • People actively in purchasing mode

  • Users engaged in highly targeted activities that define their interests and personalities

  • People with affinity to your customers

Finding More Customers That Matter
Once we understand what works best, we can use the same data to find more people and show them your ad.

We call it retargeting “look-a-likes” – a fresh pool of users that are in many ways exactly like the people that have visited your site and thus much more likely to engage with your brand.

Our platform leverages tons of data to identify this new audience, including:

  • Visit Recency
  • Visit Frequency
  • Behavior
  • Purchase Cycle
  • Search Intent
  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Offline Purchases
  • Social Data
  • Time of Day
  • Sites Visited
  • Lifestyle

Define Your Campaign Metrics
We are a hybrid network that can meet varied campaign objectives. Our focus goes beyond mere impression delivery – we can optimize results based on multiple objectives.

we can meet varied campaign objectives diagram

Simple 3-step process delivers active customers:

  1. Build a custom profile – We go beyond other audience targeting technologies by combining demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent and social data with our own suite of targeting algorithms, blended analytics and expert analysis to build a custom campaign profile for each advertiser’s unique marketing objectives.

  2. Identify the best audience – Our Progressive Optimization™ immediately focuses on your key metric(s) based on relevant characteristics like sites, creative, ad unit size, time of day, behavior, geography and demographics. These top performing engagement drivers create a customized segment for your campaign.

  3. Expand your audience – Our system focuses on finding more users who fit your audience profile throughout the Web, allowing you to obtain the quality reach you demand at whatever scale you require.

Quickly and automatically grow engagement with the best audience for your brand.

Rocket Fuel combines the best of social, behavioral, contextual, search and many other data sources to understand consumer interest and intent.

Our technology automatically finds people across the Web who are most likely to consider, respond and excite others about your brand.

We deliver better ROI for premium marketerswhether your objectives are brand-oriented or designed to drive a conversion event.

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