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If you’re focusing 100% on search, spending big
bucks on Google, and being thrilled with a 5%
conversion rate – you’re letting 95% of your
audience disappear. Why not boost your ROI and
re-engage with that audience anywhere on the Web.


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Rocket Fuel Search Booster

Rocket Fuel’s Search Booster allows you to reach people across the Web who searched for you, went to your site, expressed interest in your product or service, and then left without completing a purchase or desired action. Search Booster can also drive people to your landing page based on search intent actions – people that searched for relevant terms to your product or service, but did not go to your Web site. It’s the best way to bring people back to your site and turn those lost prospects into active customers.

Search Booster automatically identifies people that have been to your site, or who are in-market based on searches they’ve performed, and puts your display ads in front of them – anywhere in our network, as often as you want. It can even show different highly targeted ads to people who found you via different searches. Search Booster can even scale your campaign by targeting “look-alikes” – a fresh pool of users who have similar profiles to your core audience.

Search Booster leverages search retargeting and search intent targeting to find the people that matter to your brand – and bring them back to your Web site.

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Don't Settle for "Vanilla" Retargeting
Search Booster works smarter and boosts your ROI by focusing on the core set of valuable customers that are most likely to engage with your brand and take action. Our technology leverages tons of data to better understand a user’s position in the purchase cycle. We focus on the set of valuable customers that are most likely to achieve an advertiser’s objectives – whether you want consumers to perform a conversion action or build affinity with your brand.

Our technology leverages tons of data to identify this high-composition audience, including:

* Visit Recency   * Visit Frequency   * Behavior
* Purchase Cycle   * Search Intent   * Geography
* Demographics   * Offline Purchases   * Social Data
* Time of Day   * Sites Visited   * Lifestyle

Focus on the Users Who Are More Likely to Convert
Search Booster delivers high precision target audiences with high reach across the Web by focusing on the data that matters – the data that works. Search Booster gives you a much more granular view of your users within your cookie pool and differentiates visitors based on a number of data-driven factors. This allows us to hone in on the ones that matter – based on whatever metrics you define.

Our technology builds a clearer picture of your users by evaluating their:

* propensity to convert   * purchase cycles   * overall potential customer value

Boost Traffic to Your Site & Leverage Your SEM Keywords
No matter what market you’re in, there are many people that have the same search intent as the people who visit your Web site. Search Booster leverages search intent data from users who may not have gone to your site but have the same search intent as those you’re interested in. Our data partners aggregate data from custom keyword searches on sites, product searches, vertical searches, comparison shopping, classified search, and more. There’s an enormous amount of search data available to help make finding the consumers that matter to your brand much easier and less costly – the trick is having the horsepower to harness, analyze and act on it – that’s what Search Booster delivers.

Find More Customers That Matter
Search Booster can even find & target customers outside of your cookie pool – something regular search retargeting solutions that are limited by working within a fixed set of identified users can’t do. Once we understand what works best, we can use the same data to find more people and show them your ad. We call it retargeting “look-a-likes” – a fresh pool of users that are in many ways exactly like the people that have shown interest through search or visited your site, and thus much more likely to engage with your brand.

Insights to Help You Become Smarter, Faster
We learn a lot of stuff about audiences as we get to know their behavior. Insights that can help you build a better profile of the people that are coming to your site and searching for information about your products. Once we’ve identified this really great audience, doesn’t it make sense to communicate with them again and again?

Launch, Learn & Scale Approach Delivers High-Composition Audiences with High Reach

Rocket Fuel tracks every impression and continuously learns what works to tailor each campaign’s audience in real-time, and then scales the campaign by combining all available data to create a high-performance composite audience segment.

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Search+Display Deepens Engagement, Increases Sales

Exposing search users to display media from the same advertiser results in a 22 percent increase over search alone, suggesting a synergy between these two channels that cannot be measured separately.










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