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Social Booster maximizes buzz & awareness and
promotes engagement & sharing for your brand by
targeting socially active users and key influencers.
Drive high-quality traffic for social initiatives and
amplify brand impact through earned media.


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Social Booster™

Social media has had a profound impact on how brands market to consumers. It’s also been a substantial catalyst in getting people to influence each other. Social media has opened many new doors through building relationships with customers – which for any advertiser is a new sales driver. People buy from brands they like and trust. Social media is about turning communication into interactive two-way dialogues with the people behind every Tweet, Facebook update, message board, blog post, etc. Social Booster is the most effective and efficient way to activate and engage this influential audience anywhere on the Web.

Amplify the Awareness, Buzz and Engagement of Your Campaign
Social Booster drives high-quality traffic and boosts buzz, awareness and brand engagement by targeting socially active users within your target audience. Social Booster leverages high-impact paid media and organic message seeding to target and activate “social influencers.” These influencers also become the epicenter of the campaign to help maximize impact via earned media. They help drive share of conversation, endorsement effects and incremental reach through sharing ads, passing messages along, adopting brand badges, and associating themselves with your brand.

How it Works:
Social Booster targets “social influencers” to maximize campaign effectiveness and boost overall reach among your target audience across every major social destination.

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Boost Friends, Fans & Followers
Fan Boost is perfect for achieving specific social metric goals like increasing fans, friends or followers – or generally boosting traffic to any brand-specific social destination. Ads can feature a simple call to action, contest, incentivized offer or insider coupon that takes users to a specific social landing page. Socially inspired audiences are powerful for many reasons. They provide an engaged audience that you can continue to message, and those messages often create a ripple effect by being extended within each person’s social circle. This audience guarantees your brand messaging has a lasting persistent impact to enhance brand equity.

Promote Ad Sharing
Social Ads promote ad sharing and turn transient ads into persistent messages for your brand. Your ads become widgets for digital content distribution and enable simple and efficient ad sharing. Best of all, Social Ads leverage your existing ad assets – the social functionality is basically a functional frame around your current creative, allowing one-click ease of sharing without leaving the ad unit. Social Ads drive users to distribute your message across their social networks, to facilitate stronger user engagement with your brand. Best of all, we can measure the sharing activity and earned media impact that Social Ads generate and optimize your campaign to integrate learnings back into the campaign.

Activate Key Users
A key component to Social Booster is Influencer Targeting – identifying and targeting influencers who shape the opinions of the people around them. Social Booster helps to stir and direct conversations about your brand to maximize earned media based on referral value. Our methodology for identifing social influencers uses all of the latest social network barometers and third-party data available, including:

  • Social authority & knowledge levels
  • High social friend counts
  • High Klout scores on Twitter
  • Significant reaction to posts & updates

High-Impact Organic Dissemination
Message Seeding puts your message in the hands of top tier & extended tier bloggers that guarantee the right conversations are fostered and sustained online. Enlisting credible bloggers with strong followings to “seed” your brand message into topic hubs, topical posts, product reviews, promotions, etc. facilitates user participation in brand-centric social conversations. Message Seeding also encompasses leveraging the vast network of tech-savvy socially connected women to further boost organic digital content distribution.

Example blog categories include:

• Parenting • Home • Food • Fashion • Frugality • Other categories

Intelligent Message Scaling
Social Amplification helps create a flywheel effect for your campaign by leveraging your acquainted audience (people familiar with your brand) to further amplify your message. Social Booster quickly gathers information on the acquainted users to learn and identify which ones are most likely to promote engagement & sharing or drive the most awareness & buzz. Once we identify your core audience of influencers, we can track referral value across all key influencer segments and scale the campaign against the highest performing ones and then go find more high-value impressions. And once we understand what works best, we can use the same data to find more people and show them your ad. We call it retargeting “look-a-likes” – a fresh pool of users that are just like the people that have responded to your ad and thus much more likely to engage with your brand.

Track Brand Health & Audience Connection
Social Booster’s Brand Sentiment Analysis helps you track, measure and make sense out of how the campaign effects your brand, including overall brand health, sentiment (both positve and negative) and share of conversation for both your brand and your industry. Social Booster tracks where conversations are happening, evaluates both tone and emotional connection with your audience, and integrates all of the learnings back into your campaign so it gets better as it runs.

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  Why Social Media Matters:
Over 25% of U.S. internet page views occurred at one of the top social networking sites in December 2009, up from 13.8% a year before. (comScore)