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Connnecting Brand and DR Campaigns

Did you know that your DR campaigns can now learn from your brand campaigns, and your brand campaigns can learn from your DR? Innovations in real-time media buying and optimization are enabling digital campaigns across display, video, mobile and social to get smarter, faster.

Richard Frankel, Rocket Fuel President and co-founder, will present:

  • How advertisers and their agencies can benefit from innovations at the intersection of data, technology and media.
  • An overview of today’s predictive audience-buying technologies.
  • Case studies illustrating how both brand and DR advertisers, in diverse verticals are using these technologies to drive more effective and efficient results.

Video and Mobile Advertising - Getting Past the Hype and in Front of Your Audience

Video and mobile have been the darlings of industry pundits and conferences for years. And now with ad dollars finally flowing into them - it's time to get real about what's possible (and impossible) in video and mobile digital advertising.

Throwing money at mobile and video initiatives to achieve the "wow factor" doesn't qualify as a sound and efficient strategy. Buyers need to get savvy and demand more sophisticated tools. Join Rocket Fuel as we highlight and guide you through the finer points of identifying and communicating with your target audience in these emerging digital channels.

Attend this webinar and you'll leave armed and ready to make the jump to video and mobile audience buying on the web. You'll also learn how to quickly and easily expand your online audience buying efforts to leverage these new channels.

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Turning the web into a data-driven branding medium

Is the Internet good for branding or is it simply a direct response mechanism? Sometimes it's easy to forget that online advertising can impact every phase along the consumer purchase cycle—awareness, interest, stimulation, provocation, delivery, customer support and brand loyalty. These brand goals drive marketing and can be delivered online successfully. The key is to fully understand the data-driven technologies that make brand marketing better online.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to achieve brand objectives by harnessing online advertising's efficiency and power and how to apply it to an end-to-end marketing strategy—no matter which metrics you use.

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Go Beyond The Click: Track, Measure & Optimize for Real Brand Impact

Traditional metrics such as brand awareness, message association, consideration, or purchase intent, while measurable online, have been hard to make actionable. Publishers have offered measurement and optimization based on metrics like click-through, unique visitors, ad impressions, or conversions, but all have had limited value and relevance for brand marketers. These old-school metrics are not representative of success as they cannot be used to answer the real question – what impact did the campaign have on my brand?

In this webinar, you will learn how marketers can leverage the precision & scale offered by digital media, and combine that with tracking & optimizing brand equity elements in real-time to drive phenomenal results for display ad campaigns. These techniques can be applied to every phase of the consumer purchase cycle – from driving awareness to increasing consideration and stimulating purchase.  You will also learn about real results where Rocket Fuel leveraged these techniques for Ace Hardware to be the #1 media partner by target audience volume, and most effectively drove engagement and specific actions on

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